Month: November 2019

Identifying the cause of a new disease threatenening Ghana’s cabbage crops

This is the third article in a series outlining research projects which are funded by CONNECTED in Phase 2 of its pump-prime funding programme. To read all the articles about Phase 1 projects use this link.  Formal identification and characterisation of the viral…

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Two network members’ excitement for the Grand Challenges Annual Meeting

Two African early career researchers who are members of the CONNECTED Network attended the Grand Challenges Annual Meeting in late October 2019. Sergine Ngatat, from Cameroon, and Tendekai Mahlanza, from South Africa, travelled to Ethiopia for the event, which took place in Addis…

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Vector-borne plant virus training features in new seven-minute film

A group of African early career researchers feature in a new short film about vector-borne plant viruses that devastate crops in Sub-Saharan African countries. The seven-minute film focuses on the ground-breaking Virus-Vector Vice-Versa training course for early career researchers, run by the CONNECTED…

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