Grant objectives

The CONNECTED Management Board, pictured in Bristol, January 2018

1. To build a sustainable and long-lasting network of multi-disciplinary international scientists, to address the problems created by plant virus VBDs

2. To run a series of activities to promote and embed interdisciplinary working and to strengthen research capacity, capabilities and methodologies particularly focused on the vectors of plant disease

3. To use pump-priming funding for a range of innovative projects identified by the Management Board of CONNECTED (pictured, right) ultimately leading to more competitive, collaborative, cross-disciplinary and integrative research proposals, as well as real impact

4. To capacity build, via improved communication and collaboration networks, seminars & workshops, and training courses both in the UK and Africa

5. To develop early stage researchers, by focusing part of the pump-primed funding on proposals submitted by them, provide support to enable proposal development and delivery of projects.

6. To support collaboration between researchers in the UK and LMICs and engagement with end-users, stakeholders and policy makers

7. To provide legacy benefits from the network by facilitating the opportunity for further funding for the projects bringing the greatest impact to the region