cassava root harvest

Resource spotlight: Root, Tuber and Banana Food System Innovations

10th June 2022

We recently came across this great book from Springer Nature books which is free to download and gives a lot of valuable information on tropical crops such as banana, cassava, sweet potato, and yam, as well as agriculture value creation, crop waste management, digital pest control and citizen science.

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What should an Early Career Researcher Network look like?

10th June 2022

At the upcoming New CONNECTIONS conference we are holding a Networking Event on peer support networks, exploring the co-creation of a global Early Career Researcher Network for plant health. We want to get your ideas on what this might look like. 

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Map of members 2022

Less is More: defining a more global network

9th June 2022

With around 1500 members from 85 countries, CONNECTED is a truly global network. We have recently explored where CONNECTED Members are based, and it has led us to make a small change in how we define the network.

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Cassava health

Concentrating on Cassava

31st May 2022

Each month we will be highlighting¬†some particularly interesting chapters from the Burleigh Dodds academic publishing company’s agricultural science database, which is available free to members until the end of June 2022.

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Clean seeds, pest management and more

20th May 2022

Our 7th online seminar took place on Thursday 19th May… with two fascinating talks. Here are a few highlights from what we learned.

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