Pump-prime funding call #1 – list of projects

The full list of funding awards resulting from the first CONNECTED pump-prime funding call is listed below. Amongst CONNECTED’s key objectives is enabling members to successfully apply for research funding. So we provide pump-prime funding (PPF) for a wide range of short-term research projects. The aim is that these can be used as the basis for future larger-scale funding applications.

This first funding call was the first of two during the CONNECTED project lifetime.

You can read a series of short articles, with more detail about the scope of the projects, using the links below.

Developing eco-friendly insecticides

Low-cost surveillance for Sub-Saharan Africa

Understanding the spread of maize disease 

Developing biopesticides against whitefly

Correlating disease symptoms with virus levels

Which insects transmit cassava viruses?

Improving disease resistance in Kenyan crops

Identifying insect vectors

Unifying Cassava Brown Streak Disease surveillance