Pump-prime funding call #2: list of projects

Pump-prime funding call #2: list of projects

Here you can read a series of short articles about all 11 awards resulting from the second CONNECTED pump-prime funding call.

There are 11 projects, involving 10 crops, with work being undertaken in 24 institutions in 11 countries.

Each article provides an outline of the project scope, and the institutions and people involved.

Amongst CONNECTED’s key objectives is enabling members to successfully apply for research funding. So we provide pump-prime funding (PPF) for a wide range of short-term research projects. The aim is that these can be used as the basis for future larger-scale funding applications.

This was the second of two funding awards during the CONNECTED project lifetime, and you can read details of the first round of awards using this link.

Characterising viral diversity in vegetable crops to enable targeted resistance breeding

Cucurbit viruses and their control in the small-scale farming communities of Zimbabwe

Formal identification and characterisation of the viral pathogen causing a new aphid-associated disease of cabbage in Ghana

Identification of mealybug vectors involved in the transmission of Dioscorea bacilliform viruses infecting yam in northern Nigeria

Identification of vectors transmitting viruses in tomato in Uganda

Mechanisms of transmission of cocoa swollen shoot virus by two species of mealybug vectors

Modelling of cassava brown streak virus spread by the insect vector Bemisia tabaci

Occurrence, distribution and molecular diversity of viruses on groundnut crops in Kenya

Rapid and inexpensive diagnostic tools for virus disease surveillance in sub-Saharan Africa

The prevalence of ‘plant-vectored’ insect-pathogenic viruses in Kenya and their potential for bio‐control of plant virus vectors

Tracking genetic diversity and development of diagnostic tools for MLN viruses in Uganda

CONNECTED Pump Prime Funded research projects Phase Two