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About plant diseases

< Why connect plant pathology and entomology? What difference can it make to tackling insect-spread plant diseases?


< This animation helps explain how the CONNECTED Network builds capacity globally for plant health research. Please take a look and feel free to share!

< This brand new 3.5 minute video explains the impacts of connecting plant pathology and entomology, as well as a little about CONNECTED and its future.

CONNECTED is a global, multidisciplinary network
Looking ahead
Phillip Abidrabo discusses the CONNECTED Virus Network, speaking during the project’s Africa Launch Conference
Apio Hellen Beatrice discusses the CONNECTED Virus Network
John Oladeji Oladokun explains why he is part of the CONNECTED network and why it is so important to researchers like himself.
Oresanya Adedamola explains why he is part of the CONNECTED network
Prof Nicola Spence: Sign up to tackle plant disease to benefit food security
Prof Gary Foster, Director of CONNECTED, on its importance
Katie Tomlinson & Dr Sarah Nanyiti explain a great opportunity for early career researchers to apply for funding
Prof Neil Boonham on how you can get involved
The importance of early career research to tackling plant disease in Sub-Saharan Africa
Join our network! Dr. Lava Kumar, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Nigeria, calls on scientists
Dr. Lava Kumar, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), gives his perspective on the CONNECTED project
Dr Emmanuel Okogbenin speaks about the CONNECTED project, launch conference, Bristol 2018
Plant virologist Dr Angela Eni, Covenant University, Nigeria, discusses her involvement in the CONNECTED project
The impact of plant disease on communities in Nigeria, especially on women: Dr Angela Eni
Professor Hugh Brady, Vice-Chancellor & President, University of Bristol, CONNECTED Virus Network UK Launch Conference
Charlotte Nellist explains the value of the CONNECTED Virus Network
Esperance Munganyinka, Rwanda Agriculture Board, explains the importance of the CONNECTED Virus Network
Prof. Neil Boonham, CONNECTED Co-Director, discusses the training programme and focus on early career research
Maimouna S. Abass Luangala explains why she is part of CONNECTED
Cabot Institute urges you to join globally important CONNECTED project
Join us! Prof. Nicola Spence urges you to get involved in the CONNECTED project
Prof Gary Foster on why scientists should join our network of world-class researchers battling plant disease
Prof Gary Foster on what CONNECTED aims to do
Dr Yvonne Pinto explains her perspective on the Community Network for African Vector-Borne Plant Viruses project
What benefits can the CONNECTED network of researchers offer in tackling vector-borne plant disease in Africa?
Bringing researchers together to tackle plant diseases that devastates crops in Sub-Saharan Africa
Prof. Emmanuel Okogbenin urges plant scientists to join the CONNECTED network!
Prof. Emmanuel Okogbenin explains the importance of CONNECTED in the fight against plaint disease in Africa
The impact of vector-borne plant disease on cassava, maize and other crops in Africa: Dr Anne Wangai, KALRO, Kenya
The devastating impact of vector-borne plant disease on cassava, maize, vegetables and fruits: Dr Anne Wangai
Prof. Gary Foster and Prof. Neil Boonham discuss the new CONNECTED Network project – the Community Network for African Vector-Borne Plant Viruses

Videos from our events

CONNECTED’s Africa Launch Conference
CONNECTED V4 (Virus-Vector Vice-Versa)
An Introduction to Virus and Vector Diagnostics
Africa Launch Conference

Pump-prime Research Projects

Improving disease resistance in Kenyan crops: cabbage and kale
Maize: two pump-prime funded projects in Kenya addressing maize disease