Welcome to Connected

CONNECTED is building a sustainable network of international scientists and researchers to address the challenges of vector-borne plant viruses.

It is led from the University of Bristol (UK) by Network Directors Professor Gary Foster, Dr Andy Bailey and Professor Neil Boonham (Newcastle University).

The network is currently funded by Bristol Centre for Agricultural Innovation (BCAI). We have over 1600 members from 93 countries. Use the map below to explore where members are based.

Multidisciplinary collaboration and brand new research

Network members are forging new links and consolidating existing ones to provide the collaborative, multidisciplinary approach essential for tackling vector-borne disease.

A key objective is to enable network members to successfully apply for research funding. To enable this, CONNECTED provided pump-prime funding for a wide range of short term research projects to be used as the basis for future funding applications with national and international funding organisations.

Anyone with an interest in plant virus vector-borne disease can become a network member. It is simple and free to join, using this link.

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18th May 2023

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27th April 2023

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