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CONNECTED is a vector-borne disease network based at, and led from, the University of Bristol, UK. It is funded by the UK government Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) which supports research on global issues affecting developing countries.

The Network Director is Professor Gary Foster (University of Bristol) and the Co-Director is Professor Neil Boonham (Newcastle University).

CONNECTED aims to build a sustainable network of international scientists and researchers to address the challenges of vector-borne plant viruses in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Network members are forging new links and consolidating existing ones to provide the collaborative, multidisciplinary approach essential for tackling vector-borne disease.

A key objective is to enable network members to successfully apply for research funding. To facilitate this, CONNECTED is providing pump-prime funding for a wide range of short term research projects which will be used as the basis for future funding applications with national and international funding organisations.

The network is working together with funders, farmers, stakeholders and policy makers.

Anyone with an interest in plant virus vector-borne disease can become a network member. It is simple and free to join, using this link.

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Recent News

PlantVillage: cassava whitefly

5 April 2019

Many network members will be interested to learn about a new webpage, focusing on cassava whitefly, that has been published on the PlantVillage website. PlantVillage editors are currently looking for curator/s for this page, and it might be that enthusiastic network member/s would… Read more

Huge success of virus and vector diagnostic training could lead to similar future opportunities

4 April 2019

‘An introduction to virus and vector diagnostics’ course at BecA-ILRI Hub, Kenya, March 2019 Members of the CONNECTED management board are actively looking to arrange further virus and vector diagnostic training for its early career researcher members, following the resounding success of the… Read more

Member blog: Training in bioinformatics sponsored by CONNECTED

3 April 2019

Edith Avedi, one of our network members, has written this blog specially for the CONNECTED website. Edith successfully applied for CONNECTED funding to attend a bioinformatics course which began in January 2019 at the The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Edith Avedi pictured… Read more

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Recent Events

T19: All-year round training opportunities for network members

on 01st January 2019 at

Training opportunities appear all year round, not just when a training funding application window is open. So for the whole of 2019 we are inviting applications from network members who see an existing training course or workshop they would like to attend which… Read more

V4 Early Career Researcher Development Programme

on 10th June 2019 at

Virus Vector Vice Versa (V4) is a fully-funded ten-day residential course at the University of Bristol, UK (10 – 21 June 2019). The purpose of V4: The CONNECTED Development Programme for Early Career Researchers (ECRs) is to create a cohort of ECRs with… Read more

An introduction to virus and vector diagnostics

on 11th March 2019 at

‘An introduction to vector and virus diagnostics’, organised by CONNECTED and Biosciences eastern and central Africa – International Livestock Research Institute (BecA – ILRI) Hub, will take place in Nairobi from Monday 11 to Friday 15 March 2019. The course will include an… Read more

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