The CONNECTED Network is vital to the future of crop disease research. We are seeking funding partners to keep our network alive and achieve our goal of fair, nutritious and sustainable food production for all.

With new funding…


We can continue to build the next generation of international plant health researchers, who will tackle the problems of insect-spread plant diseases.

whitefly on plant

We will be a global knowledge hub: connecting plant pathologists and entomologists; linking cutting-edge research with local expertise.


We will expand the CONNECTED network into new geographical regions where the need is greatest.

We will improve resilience against climate change by strengthening farmers’ ability to combat crop disease.

Please secure the future of the CONNECTED Network

Delivering impact to those who need it most takes time. To do this, and achieve our vision, the network needs to continue running for a number of years.

Could you support the network to stimulate new research, provide training, and to run international conferences and workshops? Please contact us to find out more about our plans and discuss grant or large gift funding, with which we could offer:

  • Research – pump-priming new projects to pilot innovative approaches to tackling insect-borne plant diseases and attract further funding.
  • Training – national and international training opportunities and partnerships to build capacity, creating the next generation of researchers, in person and online.
  • Networking – international conferences and workshops, online special interest and research seminars.

You can support us in a variety of ways, and with different funder budgets

£50,000 could fund…

Fully badged sponsorship of a 1-week residential training course for a cohort of 20+ Early Career Researchers at one of our partner institutions in Africa.

£10,000 could fund…

Three individuals funded to conduct educational visits to world-class international research groups to further their career development and develop excellent skills in plant VBD research.

To discuss how your support can strengthen the network further, please get in touch by email here.

The high impact and huge potential of the CONNECTED Virus Network

In this short film, global experts and early career researchers discuss how CONNECTED is using research, training and networking to equip an international multidisciplinary network of researchers to lead the fight against insect-spread plant diseases that devastate crops in Sub-Saharan African countries.

You can also watch this film, and other CONNECTED films on our Vimeo page here.

For more supporting comments from CONNECTED network members, use this link (PDF file).

For more information on how you could support CONNECTED, please read our Funder Information Pack.

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