Our training programmes have improved the skills and knowledge of over 140 early career scientists based in 23 countries who have shared their skills with hundreds of others.

We have offered training in vector and virus molecular diagnostic techniques, insect sampling and identification, laboratory skills, bioinformatics, project management, funding proposal writing, communications and much more. 

Below are the stories of some of those early career scientists who have benefited from our training, in their own words.

Zacheus at Botanics glasshouse_web
Dr Oluwatosin Zacheus Aregbesola

“My involvement with CONNECTED has helped build my research profile, showcase some abilities that will help me in higher professional roles, and has improved my ability to acquire more funding opportunities.”  

Dr Ken Okwae Fening
Dr Ken Okwae Fening

“The CONNECTED Network […] can help strengthen North-South collaborations to develop workable solutions to our common problems in plant health – leading to enhanced food security and improved livelihoods, especially in developing countries.”

Charlotte Nellist
Dr Charlotte Nellist

“Having the experience of costing and managing a budget for a discrete project from start to finish has been really useful.  My project management skills have flourished too, and I’m certain these experiences will be really valuable for my future career as an independent research scientist.”

Sergine in plantain field
Dr Sergine Ngatat

“Since attending V4 my understanding of the analysis of sequencing data has improved […] On my return I shared many of the new skills I had learned with colleagues in my institution and in the university.”

Dr John Oladokun
Dr John Oladokun

“I have been able to expand my professional network which led, for example, to my current employment with the Texas A & M University, collaboration in research projects, joint article publication”

Cyrus Mugambi
Cyrus Mugambi

“As an early career researcher in plant pathology, the project gave me an amazing opportunity to collaborate with seasoned scientists in the field of virology. They gave me the wings to fly in conducting the project right from the start”

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