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Cassava, sweet potato & yam research presentation

Researcher presentation to UK Launch Conference confirmed

Dr. Titus Alicai

Dr. Titus Alicai

Dr Titus Alicai will address the CONNECTED UK Launch Conference on Tuesday 30 January.

The plant virologist from Uganda’s National Crops Research Research Institute, is a CONNECTED Management Board member.

The focus of his presentation will be his current research with a particular focus on cassava, sweet potato and yam.

He will also outline his vision for the CONNECTED community, highlighting opportunities for collaboration and interdisciplinary working.

The draft conference programme provides a summary of the events and activities planned. You can download it from the ‘Events’ page using this link. Note: As this is a draft document some aspects may be subject to change. We are currently finalising the programme and the final version will be available shortly.

Dr Titus Alicai is a plant virologist with extensive research experience on viruses infecting cassava, sweet potato and yam. This includes the characterization, epidemiology, and control of virus vectors. He has also undertaken research on
• field epidemiology of cassava diseases and their effects on growth and yield
• cassava tissue culture
• genetic transformation
• confined field trial evaluation of transgenic cassava.

He provided the first indication that Cassava brown streak disease is caused by two distinct viruses. He has contributed to various studies in the taxonomy of Cassava brown streak disease-associated viruses.

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