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Proposals wanted: agriculture and climate change

27th October 2022

Are you working on research to help adapt agricultural production to climate change? If so this funding call from the Science for Africa Foundation (SFA Foundation), could be for you! The African Agriculture Climate Adaptation Research System funding call is being rolled out through the…

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Leveraging more impact from plant health research

27th October 2022

Following CONNECTED’s recent award of £500K from UKRI International, we have now launched our plan to leverage more impact from the pump-prime funded research projects created by the initial grant. How will this work? We got in touch with all our pump-prime funded…

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Christa Muller

Christa joins the team

26th October 2022

Christa Muller is joining the CONNECTED Network Team for a year as our Executive Assistant. Below she tells you a little about herself and what brought her here…

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plant dna

Plant-based CRISPR/Cas systems – a review

19th October 2022

This  new Open Access review ‘CRISPR/Cas-based tools for the targeted control of plant viruses’ by researchers from Stellenbosch University, South Africa and Pompeu Fabra University, Spain provides an excellent overview of this fast-moving research area.

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Key crops for good nutrition

16th October 2022

Why is this such essential work? We sometimes forget how many people depend on just a few key crops, which are nutritionally important and widely cultivated, and how a reduced yield can affect the overall health of whole nations.

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