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Funding calls from CONNECTED: process and updated timelines

The first stage in the CONNECTED pump-prime funding calls will begin on Monday 12 March 2018, with an invitation to potential applicants to submit an Expression of Interest.

In response to feedback from network members at CONNECTED’s UK Launch Conference in January, the Network Executive Team has reviewed and refined plans for the pump-prime funding (PPF) calls, which are set out in detail below.

CONNECTED will run two PPF calls

The first call will support a variety of small projects (up to £30,000), and possibly a small number of larger (up to £90,000) projects that can run for three to 12 months, irrespective of cost.

The second call will support projects that can run from three to six months.

This flexibility is to enable a diverse range of projects to run as full-time or part-time work, alongside seasonal constraints, and to enable better linking of proposals and synergies.

Expression of interest

The first call includes an Expression of Interest (EOI) stage during which applicants are asked to submit brief outlines of their proposed projects.

We are including an EOI stage because we want to:
• reduce the burden on applicants and the Network Executive Team
• speed up the process, and
• enable network members to develop new and existing collaborations.

Following a brief review process, selected proposals will be invited to submit full applications.

Full timescales are listed below
• Expression of Interest call opens: 12 March 2018
• Deadline for Expression of Interest applications: 8 April 2018
• Outcomes of EOI will be communicated to applicants by: 27 April 2018
• Call for invited full applications opens: 30 April 2018
• Deadline for invited full applications: 24 June 2018