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Get involved: frameworks for agricultural innovation research project

“Frameworks for agricultural innovation” is a new research project, undertaken by The CONNECTED Virus Network.

It analyses what steps are most effective at turning scientific discoveries in the lab into real changes that have a positive impact on farmers’ working lives in sub-Saharan African countries.

It seeks to understand how agricultural research findings are turned into useful outputs – for example, new plant varieties, products or farming practices – that farmers can use.

Through responses to an anonymous survey, the project aims to find out:

  • which organisations are involved in agricultural innovation in different countries
  • what do those organisations do
  • how do they interact to create a framework for agricultural innovation
  • how they work well together
  • where barriers to progress exist.

Participants are asked to give information about the range of agriculture-related organisations in the country where they work, and how they interact with each other.

The organisations can be local, regional, national or international – they must impact agricultural innovation and application in some way. Participants are asked to give as much detail as possible.

Please use this link to go to the survey