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We are delighted to announce that we will have presentations from two speakers at the CONNECTED Webinar on Thursday 18 February.

This event is free to attend for network members.

The first speaker will be Dr Cathrine Ziyomo, Director of Biosciences eastern and central Africa (BecA)–ILRI Hub

Dr Ziyomo will deliver a presentation entitled: “Repositioning the BecA – ILRI hub into a One CGIAR Biosciences for Africa.” This will be followed by a Question & Answer session, and opportunities for networking.

One CGIAR is a dynamic reformulation of CGIAR’s partnerships, knowledge, assets, and global presence, aiming for greater integration and impact in the face of the interdependent challenges facing today’s world. You can read more about One CGIAR here

Dr Cathrine Ziyomo

Dr Cathrine Ziyomo, who joined the CONNECTED management Board in autumn 2020, is a plant Molecular Breeder with combined experience in public and private sector breeding institutions. Prior to joining ILRI, Cathrine was a maize Molecular Breeder for Dupont Pioneer based in Zimbabwe, where she was responsible for the development of drought and early maturing maize hybrids for East Southern and Central Africa region.

The second speaker will be Dr Sylvester Dickson Baguma, Director at National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO) NARO-Bulindi Zonal Agricultural Research and Development Institute, Uganda.

Dr Baguma will deliver a presentation entitled: “NARO’s strategic contribution to agro-industrialisation and implications to plant health.”

He will outline the framework for aligning Research and Development with agro-industrialisation and present a wide range of success stories across the sector.

Dr Sylvester Dickson Baguma

Dr Baguma has a PhD in Knowledge Management and extensive experience in strategic and operational planning and policy making.

Dr Baguma will be familiar to many of you from his excellent facilitation of our recent Springboard to Impact Conference. There was a lot of interest in his own work during the conference and we are delighted that he has kindly agreed to give a presentation as part of our seminar series.

Each talk will be followed by a Question & Answer session, and opportunities for networking.

Joining Instructions

Thursday 18 February 2021
10.30 – 12 noon GMT (UK time). Please check carefully for time differences as they relate to your own location
There is no need to pre-register for the Webinar. To attend, please use this Zoom link.

The aim of the new CONNECTED Webinar programme is to deliver webinars on a wide range of topics covering: viruses; insect vectors; crops; surveillance and diagnostic techniques in the field; laboratory protocols and techniques; data handling and analysis; new technologies; and opportunities for interdisciplinary working.

The style of these webinars will build on the success of the online presentations and workshops of the CONNECTED ‘Springboard To Impact’ Conference in September and October. As well as adopting a similar format, the Webinar series will be introduced by Dr Sylvester Dickson Baguma, who fulfilled a similar role during the conference.

The following dates have been earmarked for future Webinars. Full details of all presentations will be published soon, to help interested network members mark these events in their own calendars:

CONNECTED Webinar 2: Thursday 15 April, Details TBC
CONNECTED Webinar 3: Thursday 17 June, Details TBC
CONNECTED Webinar 4: Thursday 19 August, Details TBC
CONNECTED Webinar 5: Thursday 14 October, Details TBC
CONNECTED Webinar 6: Thursday 16 December, Details TBC