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March is Maize Month


Each month we will be highlighting some particularly interesting chapters from the Burleigh Dodds academic publishing company’s agricultural science database, which is available free to members until the end of June 2022.

Just login and visit our Crops Collection member page to access the full collection, then search for the hand-selected chapters below.

Rapid response to disease outbreaks in maize cultivation: the case of maize lethal necrosis
Mahuku, Dr George; Kumar, Dr P. Lava

Emerging plant diseases (EPDs) can cause significant losses of revenue due to decreased production and the high costs of controlling epidemics. This chapter provides insights into recent biotic threats to maize productivity and the factors driving EPDs of maize. It highlights the requirements for a coordinated system to respond rapidly to new disease outbreaks to avert potentially disastrous consequences. The recent emergence of maize lethal necrosis (MLN) in East Africa is used as a case study.

Improving nutrient management for sustainable intensification of maize
Majumdar, Dr Kaushik; Zingore, Shamie; GarcĂ­a, Fernando; Correndo, Adrian; Timsina, Dr Jagadish; Johnston, Adrian M.
The unprecedented increase in area cultivated under maize has raised concern about the sustainability of maize production systems. This chapter explores the challenges of maize nutrient management in different geographies spanning Asia, Africa and Latin America. Through case studies, the chapter outlines improved nutrient management strategies for sustainable maize production in these diverse maize production ecologies.

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