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NEW – Agricultural Organisations Directory

We are delighted to launch our newest website resource – a directory of organisations relevant to agriculture and plant health!

The information was gathered through a questionnaire completed by network members during the first COVID-19 lockdowns: we asked for information about organisations that are involved in various aspects of agricultural innovation. Thank you to all members who contributed.

The resulting directory aims to help researchers accelerate bringing research outputs from the laboratory into useful solutions, through innovation and translation.

How to use it

Use the resource to look up organisations which are relevant to plant health… you can view them by category or see them all on a map.

View by location

View by category

The entries are grouped in terms of their main functions, their ‘primary categories’, and also some secondary functions or categories.

The word clouds were created from key words provided by members, and are intended to give an overview of each category.

A co-created resource

The information provided for each organisation is indicative only, provided by the knowledge of CONNECTED Network members, it has not been validated by the organisation itself and it does not represent the organisation officially. As such, the information contained in this list should only be used as an initial point of reference; all users are responsible for conducting their own further research.

Please let us know of any inaccuracies using the feedback forms on the page.