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NEW Biopesticides webinars for members


Are you interested in biopesticides? We are delighted to announce that CONNECTED members will now be able to participate in three webinars on this topic. Increase your knowledge and ask an expert your questions!

The webinars will be delivered by Dr Roma Gwynn, a biopesticide specialist working in technology for 30 years. The webinars are on 6th, 7th and 14th March, details as follows:

06 March 2023

Efficacy of biopesticides

What are the most effective biopesticides? What measures are used to judge this?

06 March 2023
07 March 2023

Commercialisation of biopesticides

Who are the real-world end-users? Who adopts biopesticides and how are they scaled up?

07 March 2023
14 March 2023

Regulation of biopesticides

How are they tested, and how do they receive regulatory checks/approval before they can be more widely used?

14 March 2023

Time – 9:00 – 10:30 UK time. Zoom links here.

1 hour presentation followed by 30 mins Q&A

The webinars will be facilitated by CHAP (Crop Health and Protection Limited). They will include resources and signposting to further information, along with case studies from Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania.

About Dr Roma Gwynn

Dr Roma Gwynn is an independent specialist in biopesticides. She has taken a lead role in the EU and internationally in the development and registration of new biopesticide technologies including semi-chemical, botanical and microbial substances. Her expertise is in facilitating the process of getting biopesticide products onto the market, with particular expertise in efficacy.

Roma is the editor of the ‘The Manual of Biocontrol Agents’ published by BCPC, Chair of the Endowment Committee for the Society of Invertebrate Pathology and a Biopesticide Consultant. Roma has been an expert for the REBECA project for regulation of biocontrol agents, the OECD Biopesticide Steering Group and EU Commission. Roma has also been involved in the development of biopesticide regulatory guidance and is consultant on several biopesticide collaborative research, AGRI-TECH and PhD projects.

Do come and take advantage of this opportunity, and bring your questions!