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New online learning community for African researchers

Introducing The Mawazo Learning Exchange

Before the COVID-19 pandemic turned virtual learning into a near-necessity, Mawazo Institute was working behind the scenes to develop an e-learning platform for African researchers. The aim was to build a platform with empathy and flexibility that could address some of the challenges facing young African women at the start of their research careers, eager for professional development training while facing severe constraints on their time as academics, employees, spouses, caregivers, and more. The results of this work are now being shared: The Mawazo Learning Exchange (MLEx).

The Mawazo Learning Exchange is a new online learning community for African women in academia and research, that offers training in core professional and research skills. MLEx provides a unique liberal arts style approach to professional development through short, intensive, online courses. The platform is also designed to share resources and opportunities tailored to the African context, and is freely available to scholars everywhere as Mawazo seeks to support a broader audience of African researchers and practitioners.

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