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New opportunity to deliver a CONNECTED webinar

From early 2021 we will be running a new series of CONNECTED Webinars, open to all network members. Each webinar will feature two different people, giving a presentation of approximately 20 minutes, followed by a 20-30 minute Question and Answer and networking session.

So we are opening an invitation to all network members to apply to deliver one of these webinars.

The aim is to deliver webinars on a wide range of topics covering: viruses; insect vectors; crops; surveillance and diagnostic techniques in the field; laboratory protocols and techniques; data handling and analysis; new technologies; and opportunities for interdisciplinary working.

The style of these webinars will build on the success of the online presentations and workshops of our ‘Springboard To Impact’ Conference in September and October. At the time, we had been forced to change our original in-person conference plans due to the pandemic. However, feedback from the sessions we ran indicates the value of these online sessions … which is why we are introducing this brand new programme.
We envisage there will be lots of interest in attending the webinars, and that the opportunity to deliver such a presentation will offer successful applicants a good professional development opportunity.

How to apply to deliver a CONNECTED Webinar

We are asking you to set out clearly the broad areas that you would cover, in a series of short bullet points. You will find a simple application form using this link.

Please complete and submit this no later than midnight, Monday 4 January 2021. We will then notify selected applicants of their success, and the date of their webinar no later than Friday 15 January. Please be aware that these webinars will run through most of 2021.

If selected, you will need to pre-record your presentation and send it to the network team in advance, but don’t worry if you’re not technically gifted as it’s quite simple and we can guide you on how to do this.

How to attend a CONNECTED Webinar

They will free to attend for all network members, and we will circulate dates, topics and presenter details well in advance, so watch this space.