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Launching… Vector and Virus Diagnostics online resources!

NEW – online resources for all CONNECTED members! If you want to improve your expertise on all aspects of vector and virus diagnostics, login and take yourself through our self-led course.

A disease is devastating your field of crops, but how do you find out what is causing it? Use these online resources to learn how to correctly take samples, store them and carry out the tests needed to find out which virus is causing the disease and which insect is transmitting it.

There are presentations, slideshows, detailed experimental protocols and laboratory-based training films to guide you, led by experienced lab-based researchers.

Each module has timings by each resource, so you can see how long it will take you to read

These training materials were developed from our training courses including our week-long Vector and Virus Diagnostics course, a joint project of B4A-ILRI Hub (Kenya) and CONNECTED, which took place earlier this year in Kenya.

This is a free resource for all CONNECTED members. Take a look!

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We are indebted to many people, in particular Professor Neil Boonham of Newcastle University, and Dr Sophie Bouvaine and Dr Gonçalo Silva from the Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich (UK) for helping to develop and deliver the training.