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PlantVillage: cassava whitefly

Many network members will be interested to learn about a new webpage, focusing on cassava whitefly, that has been published on the PlantVillage website.

PlantVillage editors are currently looking for curator/s for this page, and it might be that enthusiastic network member/s would like to play a part in this. The site already has other curated pages such as this one.

With PlantVillage getting over 100,000 new visitors/month, the idea is to make ‘living documents’ in multiple languages related to all major pests. The site’s hope is to make such pages like publications that people can include in their CV. Of course, this would need a community of experts to work collaboratively on sharing knowledge.

It would be possible, for example, to make sub-pages (e.g. resistance of whiteflies against pesticides, chemical ecology etc). The page could also be opened to community editing, enabling anyone to edit (with all edits visible to everyone). For rapidly moving pests, the ability to update and share information in real-time could be an asset.

If you have thoughts about this, or if you would like to get involved, please email CONNECTED using this link, and CONNECTED will put you in direct contact with PlantVillage.