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Technology interventions & the private sector’s role in agriculture

Prof. Emmanuel Okogbenin’s presentation to UK Launch Conference

Prof. Emmanuel Okogbenin

Prof. Emmanuel Okogbenin

The fourth presentation at the CONNECTED UK Launch Conference on Tuesday 30 January will be delivered by Prof. Emmanuel Okogbenin, Director of Technical Operations at the African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF), Kenya

A CONNECTED Management Board member, Prof Okogbenin will focus his presentation on his current research around agricultural technology interventions and the role of the private sector in agriculture.

He will also outline his vision for the CONNECTED community, highlighting opportunities for collaboration and interdisciplinary working.

The draft conference programme provides a summary of the events and activities planned. You can download it from the ‘Events’ page using this link. (Note: As this is a draft document some aspects may be subject to change. We are currently finalising the programme and the final version will be available shortly.)

Dr Emmanuel Okogbenin is Director of Technical Operations at AATF, and has worked for over 27 years in research and development related to both biotic and abiotic stresses through crop improvement, agronomic and physiological studies.

He has led a number of project initiatives using several molecular platforms to understand and improve genetic resistance to pests and diseases including the African cassava mosaic virus.

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