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Key crops for good nutrition

CONNECTED members, the majority of whom are early career researchers, are working on ways to tackle insect-spread diseases that affect crops across Africa and beyond.

Why is this such essential work? We sometimes forget how many people depend on just a few key crops, which are nutritionally important and widely cultivated, and how a reduced yield can affect the overall health of whole nations.

We have focused on a few of these major crops and created infographics to show their value and how insect-spread diseases can impact their yields.

Only by finding sustainable ways to tackle these plant viruses will we safeguard the food supply and health of the world’s population.

Yam facts

Some facts about one of west Africa’s most important staple food crops:

Banana & plantain facts

Sweet potato facts

CONNECTED Virus Network Sweet Potato infographic

Cassava facts

Some facts about cassava, its importance to Africa, and the cost of vector-borne plant viruses that devastate its productivity:

Use these infographics yourself!

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